Fields of Expertise

Enimax strives to master all aspects of the heat transfer and fluid flow sciences-both in their theory and practical application. Enimax acquired its expertise in thermal systems during many years of practice in a broad range of industry sectors. We apply our expertise to all industries but focus mainly on higher end systems. Most of our work in recent years has been for wind tunnels and waste-treatment facilities.

We specialize in retrofits and upgrades of existing facilities, although we also engineer and build new plants. As all engineers know, retrofits require broader technical knowledge and a greater level of attention than new construction.

Systems engineered by Enimax maintain stable thermal parameters even while set-points and/or cooling/heating loads are changing abruptly.

We also enjoy working on special projects. We have the engineering skills needed to undertake highly specialized investigations, and we have the ability to devise solutions that are unorthodox and original.
Enimax provides expert service in:

Industrial cooling and refrigeration
Humidity control
Make-up dry air
Rain and snow simulation
We also have expertise and provide engineering services in:

Process heating and cooling
Wet-air oxidation
Water and wastewater treatment systems
Air conditioning
Fluid and heat transfer systems
Please click Projects for a list of thermal systems recently engineered by Enimax.