Here's what our customers are saying about us:

"We are very satisfied with our decision to engage Enimax in the project to completely retrofit the thermal system of our wind tunnel. Initially, Dr. Gregory Szewczyk developed a detailed assessment of the existing system, provided us with comprehensive options for the facility and prepared required documentation. We further engaged him in the selection of the contractor, in contract negotiations and oversight of the project. The creativity and knowledge provided by Enimax allowed us to optimize the system's performance in an environmentally sound, efficient, and economically feasible way.

We further enlisted Enimax as work and technical coordinator for the entire retrofit project, including the chassis dynamometer, facility control system (FCS), fire suppression system and auxiliary systems."
Bruce E. Henderson, Manager, Automotive Laboratories, BP, Naperville, IL, USA.

"At Aiolos, my colleagues and I were truly impressed with the excellent services provided by Enimax. In only four years, Enimax engineered thermal systems for six wind tunnels, including those as complex as the ETL Complex at Ford Dunton (UK), as large as Vienna Train (Austria) and as demanding as Sanden (Germany). We felt very confident that we could rely on such efficient and dependable engineering service."
Roland Vander Straeten, President (1994 -2001), Aiolos Engineering Corporation

"We appreciate the prompt, efficient and effective engineering service provided by Enimax. I particularly appreciate the ability of identifying potential problem areas and the effectiveness in resolving the ones that could not be prevented."
Dobrilo Vucicevic, VP - Projects & Procurement, Aiolos Engineering Corporation

"After several projects together, we are confident that on any future project we can expect the usual professional and dependable cooperation of Enimax."
Arthur Ho, President, ReACT Technologies (Real-Time Automation, Control and Testing)